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IT Services & Solutions

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Data Recovery

 We recover lost or inaccessible files from your computer, hard drive, or other devices.



We connect your devices and computers together so you can share information and resources.


Backup Solutions

We create a safe copy of your important files to ensure you can access them even if something goes wrong.


Logo Design

We can create a professional and memorable visual identity for your brand.


Web Design

We build a user-friendly and visually appealing website to showcase your business online.


Email Setup

Get your business email addresses up and running so you can communicate effectively.


Software Upgrades

 Ensure your software is up-to-date for optimal performance and security. We offer vaious upgrades.


Hardware Upgrades

Improve the speed and capabilities of your computer systems with RAM, SSD, Motherboard upgrades.


End-User Support

Get expert help with any computer or technology issues you encounter, no matter how complex.


On-Site and Remote IT Support

We offer both in-person and remote assistance to solve your IT problems. We cover the greater Cape Town.


New & Refurbished Equipment

Find the perfect computer equipment to fit your needs and budget. We can recommend equipment options.


Windows Troubleshooting

We fix any problems you’re experiencing with your Windows operating system.



See What People Are Saying

Max Turner

Graphic Designer

My Dell laptop felt sluggish. After a quick RAM upgrade by Keenan from Convergence-Tech, it runs like new! Faster browsing and smoother multitasking – highly recommend!

Leo Williams

Financial Analyst

Migrating to Office 365 was seamless thanks to Keenan fom Convergence-Tech. Now my team collaborates on documents in real-time, boosting our productivity!